ROLL WORLD MAGAZINE: Woman Divorced Her Husband For Infidelity (See Pictures)


ROLL WORLD MAGAZINE: Woman Divorced Her Husband For Infidelity (See Pictures)

It has been said that, infidelity in a marriage is an insult abuse to the spouse and heart broken disappointment, which made a woman named Oluwatosin Oluwatomilola Faremi once married to Mr. Fagbamila Bankole Seyi issued out a divorce letter to her husband on him for infidelity and disappointment to her in their marriage over the years.

It gathered from our source that, She and her husband got married in the year 2010 and were happily married and blessed with a son. They lived happily and blissful together for years untill it got to a time things began to turn the other way round when she (Faremi Oluwatosin Oluwatomilola) proposed to her husband that she want to travel abroad (USA) for her Master’s degree in which the husband succumb and agreed to for her to go and further her wish.

Furthermore, after she had gone and got her master’s degree running, she began to get messages from her family back home in Nigeria that she should come and take her son with her to USA because a man will not be able to take care of a child well enough the way a womab would do. So on this note, she had to invite her son with her own mother over to America to stay with her. Ever since she invited her son and mother over, her husband here in Nigeria had since then refused to take nor reply her calls and messages. It went on for a period of time until a day he called her back and yelled at her nagging that she was suppose to know that he has been busy with work and no disturbance whatsoever is allowed.

She decided to come back to Nigeria as a surprise to him to really know what what was going on. When she got to Nigeria, on him seeing her, he was mad at her and began to question her about she coming back home without letting him know. He furthermore said to her that whatever is her need and for the son would be she should forward it to him and he would only do his best to support them and that its over between them..she should move on with her life. At first she felt it was a joke untill she saw the seriousness in him when she asked for all her documents with him and he released them to her.
Unknowing to her ever since she left that he has been having an affair with another lady and even had a baby from her. When she got know, she was very angry and mad at him and felt heart broken and disappointed in her husband after all the years they have loved and live together happily. So he could go for another woman and even to the point of having a child for him.

So she thought within her and had no choice than to seek a divorce letter between her and the husband on the 8th of February 2019 which the High Court of Lagos State in the Lagos Judicial Division later granted their Divorce on the 10th of May 2019.


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