Is There Something Going On Behind The Scenes Between Wizkid And Tiwa Savage? (See This)


Is There Something Going On Behind The Scenes Between Wizkid And Tiwa Savage? (See This)

Tiwa Savage and Wizkid have had history working together.

From “Bad” to “Ma Lo“, these two artistes have always brought their firepower whenever called upon and their body of work looks perfect when it is out. While that’s not debatable, what has been a debate for recent months has been their cozy relationship.

People are beginning to discuss in hushed tones if really Wizkid and Tiwa Savage are in a Close Relationship? To all the olodos who might not understand, it means “If They Are Dating 😛😛😛

It all started with “Ma Lo“, both brought their energy and quality to scene and while the video didn’t really identify any closeness between the two, subsequent performance of the song has been an issue.


Who remembers when during Wizkid’s Concert, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage were locked in a tight hug that lasted over two minutes.

This got fans bewildered and surprised as this hug was an exceptional one. A hug normally lasts for 30 seconds but this hug was a different one and got us wondering if there was wasn’t more to this.


Fast forward to 2018 when Wizkid celebrated Tiwa Savage on her birthday. Guys, this was the part that kind of tipped everyone off suggesting that Tiwa Savage and Wizkid where more than friends.

It was Tiwa’s birthday on February 5, 2018, and as usual, everyone took out time to send out birthday wishes to the music star and then it was the turn of ‘Starboy‘ him.

Wizkid didn’t post just one but he posted five of Tiwa Savage’s photos on his Instagram page! And he even went as far as calling her his ‘Queen‘.

This is something that he has never done for any singer, while some people said it was because of their ‘close friendship,’ others were a bit skeptical about it.


Then, we began to see more of Wizkid and Tiwa Savage together everywhere.

They went to clubs together, and even at Ushbebe’s concert, they were seated close to one another on the table and even exited the show together.

They were at the Warri show together and some other places where they performed “Ma Lo” together.


And at GidiFest that confirmed something is going on behind the scene, Wizkid kissed Tiwa Savage live on stage!!!

Before several thousands of fans, bearing in mind Tiwa Savage has an husband?? Well, we know the Starboy has been a bad boy for long and we don’t know his intention with Tiwa Savage.

If you all think Tiwa Savage can’t be in a relationship with Wizkid, be reminded that Wizkid impregnated his manager, Jada P who was 33 at the time.

Tiwa is 34, anything might have happened between these two and don’t be shocked if later this year we hear Tiwa Savage is expecting a baby.

Wizkid is in the best form of his life, Soco is everywhere and he just released “Commando” together with Mutay and Ceeza.

Tiwa Savage is also the most in form female artiste in Africa right now. Imagine running an empire with The Starboy? 😎

Do You Think Wizkid Might Be Dating Tiwa Savage?


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