Davido’s “Fall” | The Best Video Ever By A Nigerian Artiste?


Davido’s “Fall” | The Best Video Ever By A Nigerian Artiste?

Davido’s “Fall” | The Best Video Ever By A Nigerian Artiste?

It’s become a usual fashion now for artistes to bless us with a double dose release. I’m talking about having to drop the audio and video of a new music material just so fans can reel in the pleasure of both hearing and viewing.

Davido‘s latest music effort Fall, observed this feat, and we won’t forget in a hurry especially, the thriller-styled trailer that tensioned us into a hastened anticipation.

The music video for Davido’s Fall, was directed by Daps, the same guy that directed Wizkid’s Come Closer with Drake. However, since observing the first visual imprint, even music pundits have tipped off the video as the best ever done by a Nigerian artiste.

Do you agree?
Watch Davido’s Fall below and read some of our thoughts on it.


  • One word, excellent!


  • Amazing, nice and smooth, thumbs up. Davido XOXO!!


  • Total video production – 70% I also like the fact that the video portrays him as a grown up.


  • You see Daps as the director, and the expectation is high. Then you watch the video and you know why he is highly rated. Dope stuff.


  • This is most likely the best video from Davido since Aye. Nice concept, it’s not everytime you will be jumping upandan oga Davido.


  • Obviously, it’s from Davido, what did you expect? Top notch stuff, kudos!


  • Nice story line for the song, and the ‘ball’ concept (at the end of the video) was quite an admirable addition.


  • Ah, I love it! Daps is just too good abeg. It is a beautiful video with a quite minimalist concept, and then just like ‘Tope said, he looks all grown up now. Very amazing stuff!



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