Barack Obama warns a Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton will put the ‘fate of the world’ in teeters

barack-obamaOutgoing U.S president Barack Obama has warned Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump as the Business man will put the fate of the world in teeters if he’s elected as president.
With the U.s election just 5 days away, Barack Obama has resumed his Clinton campaign duties as new polls show Trump is the favorite to win the election following the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.
Speaking at a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday, the U.S president said: “Our democracy is on the ballot. The fate of the world is teetering”, he continued, “and you, North Carolina, are going to have to make sure that we push it in the right direction”.
“I hate to put a little pressure on you but the fate of the Republic rests on your shoulders”, he told the pro-Clinton rally.

‘Choose fairness, decency, justice and progress”


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