Where Is Olamide’s YBNL Princess?


Where Is Olamide’s YBNL Princess?

Olomi ni, e ma je o lo, e ma je o jabole o
That’s my baby, that’s my love, e ma je o jabole o

Around the start of every year, it is customary of writers in the entertainment niche to publish lists of music talents to watch out for in that year. For the year 2017, most of them agreed on the choice of Temmie Ovwasa, to grow from being a newbie in the industry to new heights of stardom. But as we approach the middle of the year, we are yet to see the manifestation of the YBNL first lady.

Recall that the moment Olamide announced her signing to the world in April 2016, Temmie Ovwasa was immediately placed in the focus of the music-loving audience in Nigeria. Her introduction to the industry was met with frenzy, the news of her signing to YBNL and the inspiring story behind it, spread like loose gas. In an instant, she became the darling of the media. With the splash of her photos on spaces in the media that cannot be ignored and the numerous interviews she granted, she won for herself, her first set of fans. The speed at which she achieved all of these was unbelievable. In fact, I can hardly point out any other artiste that had such early impact in the industry of late, because even without a debut single, without participating in a talent show, Temmie Ovwasa could already boast of good followership.

In all of these early successes, something worked for Temmie, she had an alluring artistic trait, a feature that is necessary in becoming successful in the very competitive and dynamic Nigerian music industry of today. She also enjoyed the tremendous goodwill of YBNL, as interest in her had gathered even before her appearance on the scene, thanks to Olamide. Before her signing, the YBNL boss had blown the air of suspense around his many music lovers. He had tweeted about his search for a female artiste to sign to his label; going as far as mentioning his preferred specification. On Jan 17, 2016, Olamide tweeted that, “my YBNL First Lady should be a combination of Asa and Dej Loaf… What do you suggest? #YBNL1StLADY.“ This tweet threw the Nigerian entertainment community into wild excitement. Whoever was going to take the job already had huge expectations to meet. She had to blend the artistic depth of Asa with the hoyden nature of Dej Loaf. So the moment Temmie Ovwasa was handpicked for the job, conjecture among fans was evoked.


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